Important Info

Our Facility is closed to non Freedom users until further notice.


We have started our raffle ticket sales. They are $10 each and can be purchased from any of our players. The money collected go towards that family's player fess.

Prize                             Ticket            Name                                  Team

$1,000                          03382            Tracy Geiss                        Whitehouse

$300                             04859            Justin Saviers                   Leurquin

$200                             09436            Carla Viltz                          Deviney

2 Kraken tickets          02024            S. Hussong                        Whitehouse

$100 Dukes                 02616            Marilyn Roberts                Whitehouse

$100 Dukes                 06729            Howard Gearheart            Deviney

$100 Dukes                 03397            Patty                                   Whitehouse

2 T-Birds tickets         03226            Craig Aubbell                     Whitehouse

2 T-Birds tickets         01683            Joel T.                                  Whitehouse

Wishing Well               08414            Dave Linemuth                  Lindenmuth

4 Jersey Mike's           02851            Jean Ann Hodges             Smith

4 Jersey Mike's           07756            Rob Lewis                         Lindenmuth

3 Jersey Mike's           02078            Joann Platz                      Whitehouse

3 Jersey Mike's           09267            Cindy                                 Lindenmuth

2 Jersey Mike's           09167            Ellie Ursino                       Lindenmuth

Drawing is Oct, 16, 2021

The same person may only win once and it will be the first item they are drawn for. If drawn for a second prize a new winner will be drawn.

Our GOAL is to balance playing and training hard and enjoying this great game. Though striving to win is always the goal, sports is more than just about wins and losses. We are about life lessons on the field and off. We have a group of highly competitive players who are interested in playing at the next level, while always keeping a fun team first atmosphere. Playing time is always based on; competition, effort, attendance, attitude, skill, and coaches decision. We have a highly competitive environment that creates a fun and winning atmosphere where everyone thrives and improves with plenty of playing time and exposure for all of our Freedom players.