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You've accepted an offer from WA Freedom Fastpitch, now what?

Welcome to WA Freedom Fastpitch. Here is some helpful info to get you going.

  • Signup on SportsEngine at

    • This will require you paying the required deposit and picking your payment schedule option.

    • Once signed up, you will be placed on the team that you signed up for.

  • Download the SportsEngine App to have access to team chats and schedule​.

  • WA Freedom offers a raffle at the beginning of the season to help families pay down their player fees. Girls will need to sell 3 - $10 tickets minimum, this pays for the prizes given out. Anything over the 3 tickets will go directly towards that player's player fees. Anything over the remainder of the balance goes to the team general fund.

  • Your coach will be setting up a kick-off meeting to begin your season. This meeting is to go over schedule, expectations, and uniform fitting for those that need it.

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